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Thursday 8th October 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. A slight cool breeze blowing.  This may pick up later in the day towards evening.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable and is flowing at 25.2 cumecs.

We just had two cracker days.  Hot and sunny on Tuesday with a little bit of cloud and drizzle yesterday. This should keep the dry fly activity going. The Mayflies have been hatching pretty good and now is the time of the year to try dry fly / dropper fishing and see if you can get the fish to lift.  The trouble with this sort of fishing is about 90% of anglers think they have to see a rising fish to think it will work …. think again.  Passing a dry fly over water that has no fish rising may entice fish to lift and take the dry.  This can be especially good on a hot sunny day.  If you do see rising fish it is what I call the cherry on the top.  There are two types of flies to use …. one that represents an actual Mayfly or two … an Attractor pattern which attracts the attention of the fish.  The dropper can basically be any small nymph such as a Pheasant Tail or Hare and Copper and they can be weighted or unweighted. If they don’t rise to these fly combinations,  but the fish are rising, they may also take an emerger which is the emerging insect that hasn’t quite hatched as an adult and is about to break out from under the surface to above the surface.  Also the evening rises may get going from now on.  In the past I have found the Mayflies tend to start hatching about 3/4 hour before dark with the Caddis hatching right on dark.  Still just a tad early for the caddis hatches at his stage but anything is possible.

Towards the middle of next month and into December we should start to see the Green Beetles ( Manuka Beetles ) start to hatch.

For the Tongariro I prefer to fish a 9 foot tapered leader ( either 8lb or 6lb ) with about one foot of fluorocarbon tippet to the dry fly. Usually about 6lb fluorocarbon to the dropper. This helps to turn the flies over on the cast to get them sitting right the first time.  We aren’t fishing to super spooky fish here where you need to present delicately with a 15-20 foot leader in gin clear water in Back Country surrounds.  Here we are fishing to hungry fish 😉

If the weather is nice a #6 fly rod is ideal for this but if it is really windy I still prefer to use my #8 fly rod to punch out the flies.

A representation of Mayfly Dry Flies, Mayfly Emergers and Dropper Nymphs


(Below) Having sold fishing tackle for the last 20 years and seeing the mundane run of the mill stuff all of the time, here is something that has sparked my interest …. for those gadget freaks out there who like the latest gadgets, check out this Sage ESN reel.  Ideal for 2-5 weight it has a set of counter balances which can be screwed into the reel to change the weight to counter the balance of the rod.  The two weights are 1oz and 1 1/2 oz.  They can be rotated to different positions to also add or take away the pendulum effect of holding the Euro rod to give a better balance. It also has a cage which stops the fine Euro lines  ” jumping ” out of the reel.  My brain is already ticking to the fact this would also be a great idea for a double hand rod / reel setup.

Sage ESN Reel

Sage ESN reel and counter balance

Sage ESN reel counter balance weights


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