Fishing Reports

Friday 8th October 2021

Highly Fishable

Overcast this morning but the sun is having a good go at making an appearance, it’s calm now but we might see a breeze pick up through the day that will help push the clouds away. I must apologies for my dodgy typing in Thursday’s report, the river flow was 28.6cumec and not 287.6. I can confirm that the Tongariro looks a picture this morning and is now on 30cumec.

There have been Mayflys hatching at times through the day and they are now becoming a little more consistent of an evening, it can’t be long now until we see some Caddis hatches late in the evening as well. It’s amazing to see the river go from nothing happening to full on fish splashing on the surface and the birds hawking the hatching bugs. It’s usually about then we see the evening hatch of anglers eager to give go.  With daylight saving we have a little more light in the afternoons making it easier to finish up a days work and have a meal before heading to the river for a couple of hours. I popped out for a look on Wednesday evening to see if there would be a rise, it started quite slow but a few began to feed in the last half hour before dark. After a couple of rusty strikes one did manage to stay connected and a coloured up Jack put a bend in a light 4wt rod.

There were a few vehicles in the carparks around Turangi this morning but could see plenty of room to be found on the river. A customer mentioned that he saw a number of cars in the Tauranga Taupo carpark so it may be a bit busier up there. No reports from the other streams yet.

Lake Otamangakau has been popular and will be an option for the kids that want to have a dabble in fly fishing or they can biff out a spinner.


Looking downstream from the Red Hit bridge this morning.

Evening rise options for hungry Trout.

We have had a restock of the Yeti with some new colours to check out.

Looking upstream from the Red Hut bridge.


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