Fishing Reports

Wednesday 9th January 2019

Highly Fishable
Mostly cloudy

Its shaping up to be another ripper of a day here in Turangi.

Make sure if you are out and about during the day you have loaded up with sunscreen and mozzy repellent.Its a good idea to be layering in good sun protective fishing clothing if you are out on those long missions, sun gloves, sun sleeves, sun gaiters or hooded fishing shirts are essential this time of year because they keep you protected and are also light to wear. We have lots in stock so get in touch for some more information.

With the daylight running through till about half nine these days I headed out at about 8pm last night with my rod setup with a Cicada pattern off of about 9ft of Tapered leader and then a Category 3 Fly Company size 14 Gold Bead York pattern as a dropper about 6 foot from the Cicada. 6 foot is more than I usually run the dropper but I was drifting into some deeper holes which were still going to sit the fly mid column of the river on the dead drift and lately I have found the evening fish to be in the upper water rather than bunker-ed to the bottom.

There were fishing coming to the surface constantly while I was on the water and I had my Cicada pattern absolutely smashed on a drift hard against the far bank under the overhanging shrubbery. The Gold Bead York pattern though by far was the fly of the night with the Dry Fly going under several times and solid fighting rainbows were on.The combo I used last night was the Woomfah Cicada and the size 12 or 14 Gold Bead York. Deadly pairing and I can ship some to you. Just message me here for details and I will get then away today.If you are a regular to the Tongariro through the winter and are now making your summer journey to fish this beautiful waterway.

Try something different than you would in winter. It is not neccessary to run super heavy setups. Stealth and presentation come into play and it turns you into a better angler having to problem solve your approach to each fish and section of river.

The Tongariro offers challenging but super rewarding summer fishing with world class Brown Trout stalking the edges.So come put your skills to the test and pop into the shop and say g’day and get yourself geared up. See you at Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi

Andrew Burden

Just before dark this rainbow smashed the Category 3 size 14 York Pattern


On the change of light this rainbow rose to the Cicada and we played into dark