Fishing Reports

Monday 9th March 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast start to the day here in Turangi today. All rivers are clear and fishable. No wind as of 9:00am.

The days are getting noticeably shorter now.  Much darker in the mornings and the dark seems to be quicker at the end of the day. The mornings have beeen really cool but the days are still hot.

I went out for a flick on the Tongariro on Saturday afternoon with my Swedish mate Kjell. We started off nymphing but very quickly I saw the fish were rising to Passion Vine Hoppers.

Plenty of browns still getting caught in the Tongariro especially after dark on the wetfly.

I changed over and tried a pattern I tied up but the fish looked and then nothing …. I changed to Peter Carty’s shop tied fly and first cast …. WHAM !! a small rainbow came up and nailed it.  I released this fish and two casts later caught another one.  I wondered why they didn’t look at my pattern?  Then I got nothing else.

(Above & Below) Smaller juvenile fish taken the Passion Vine Hopper. They put up a really good fight !

(Below)  A chunky juvenile rainbow caugh on the Passion Vine Hopper.


(Above & Below) This is the same fish.  We saw some good ones rising and had a crack at them.  I put on my version of the Passion Vine Hopper as Pete’s one got a little bit crushed fighting the other two fish …. this time my one worked !! This was a 4lb rainbow !   Wow did it put up a fight !!!  This one just mashed my fly. Having a good supply of vine hoppers is essential as they are quite small and delicate and take a beating.


(Above & Below) I was running out of Vine Hoppers so had a look in my box and pulled out a Caddis Dry fly.  We did a bit of trimming with the scissors and I said to Kjell to have a go.  He hooked this really nice 3 and quarter pound rainbow which also put up a really good fight.  After pulling the fly out I noticed the hook had snapped so we were getting desperate for flies and I had a look in Kjell’s fly box and he had some small ones which we had to do a bit of trimming as well.  We hooked two more fish in the next half dozen casts but were unsucsessful to land

(Below) The rise tapered off and I changed back over to nymphing and caught this on a Claret Nymph.  The fishing in the Tongariro this Summer has been outstanding.

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