Fishing Reports

Wednesday 9th September 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny here in Turangi today with cloud about.  No wind as of 8:45am. The Tongariro is flowing at about 25cumecs and is clear and fishable.

Good reports from most anglers yesterday with most seeming to catch fish.  Plenty of fish reported.

We had a couple of anglers in the shop first thing yesterday morning who were off to Skagit fish the river and were taking out the usual suspects to use doing this … ie a brown and an olive woolly bugger.  I said “why don’t you try some Wee Wets as these should be pretty good at the moment, especially with all the Mayflies hatching. ”  The angler took a few and looked a bit skeptical.  A few hours later they returned and he said the price of those flies need to be raised for his mate to purchase.  He had hooked 3 fish in 10 minutes on them!  They couldn’t believe that what we said actually worked !  The mate purchased a fistful of the Wee Wets and off they went again 😉

Lost – One set of car keys up at the Tauranga-Taupo River…. the owner would really like these back.  Said he left the carpark and fished upstream.  If you are up that way please keep your eyes peeled for them.  This is the second set lost in the last two weeks.  The set lost last week have been found.  If you find them either call us on (07) 3868996 or email

(Above & Below) Neil was out and about this morning and took these pictures down at the Major Jones Pool.  He reported a very crowded river with only two anglers in the Hydro Pool and no one anywhere else.


I was going through my photos the other day and thought I should do a “Blast From The Past” and see if anyone remembers anything from my previous reports.  I discovered this picture of the Boss from about 300 years ago that proves he actually did fish … once upon a time… back in the good old days when the fish were … you know … bigger than they are today 😉 !!

These pictures were taken at the turn of the Century ….. I can say that as it was at the turn of this Century …. I think around 2001…. and the Britz campervan company wanted to do a photo shoot for advertising ! The location was at the Breakaway Pool area of the river. I think he landed a migrating Lake Taupo smelt 😉

Casting at the Breakaway Pool

Landed a Lake Taupo Smelt –  c° 2001




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