Fishing Reports

Saturday 9th October 2021

Highly Fishable

We had a nice sunny start today with only a slight breeze to ruffle the new season leaves but the winds picked up mid morning and have been a bit blustery. The birdsong alarm was a treat this morning and they were really getting into it and is a way better sound than the jangling alarm clock.

The Tongariro is looking fabulous today and is very fishable at 28.2cumec. It would be a fantastic day to be out and angler reports in have been positive. A lot of fish are being seen spawning in the shallows around the town reaches but targeting some of the deeper runs during the day should see some of the better quality fish have a go at a well presented natural. Euro nymphing can be super effective when searching the faster sections of the smaller streams.

AB and Connor took the float boats up to Lake O yesterday and had an interesting few hours. It looked nice as they hit the water but the wind picked up not long after and made the row back the ramp a bit of a mission. The heavy downpour didn’t help much either. Sporting Life – TurangiĀ  have two of these craft available for day or multi day hire.



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