Fishing Reports

Thursday 10th January 2019

Highly Fishable
Mostly cloudy

I’ve been on the water most of the morning with Mark who is just starting his journey fly fishing.

He was laying out some beautiful casts by the end of the day on what is his first week of fly fishing and had hungry Tongariro Rainbows rising to Cicada patterns on some well presented drifts. Next lesson is striking and playing a fish. 🙂 but it was brilliant to see him understand the concept of presentation with skillful line maintenance

There was a good old cold snap come through and it was the first time i have had a shiver on the water in a while. Talking to Jessie from Rafting New Zealand it sounds like there has been a small slip up the top somewhere and we saw a bit of pumice floating by and a slight off colouring to the water.

We are working on a new monthly e-mail out from the shop to show you some of the stock we carry and specials and new gear and a summary of the months fishing, successes and heartbreaks, so if you would like to receive these newsletters please send me an email to the shop at also feel free to offer your opinions on ideas you would like to see in the monthly newsletter from Sporting Life in Turangi.

The forecast for the coming 10 days looks like mostly sunshine with spurts of rain to soften the ground and get the Cicadas hatching like crazy and then its on like Donkey Kong with a Terrestrial Buffet for Fat Tongariro Browns  on an all you can eat diet. It’s going to be an experience this summer so get in touch with us, load up your fly box and get into Turangi.


See you at Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi


Andrew Burden