Fishing Reports

Monday 10th August 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast with some blue sky poking through here in Turangi this morning.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable flowing at 23.1 cumecs. A slight breeze at this stage.  This may increase during the day.

I had the weekend off and thought I would go fishing on Saturday.  What a disaster that turned out to be …. the wind got up and was just howling the whole day.  Spray was being whipped up off the  surface of the river in some of the places I tried fishing.  The other thing is I thought “I’ll go and check out this place …. someone already there … try somewhere else …. someone already there …. try somewhere else …. someone already there ….. !! ” I spent more time looking for a place to fish than actually fishing !  Basically there was the odd spot with little or no wind.  The wind was coming up the river, next place was coming down the river …. what a shocker compared to the day I had earlier in the week with no wind.  Still, I managed to hook 4 and landed three … my focus wasn’t in it though.

(Below) This was a great shot sent into me at the end of last week.  They are members of the M.A.D. keen angling club who have been having a boys week out here in Turangi for quite a long time now.  This year they have been hooking into some nice fish.  Roy said this picture epitomizes fishing with great mates …..


I have had quite a few entries in for the “Golden Ticket”…. I mulled over a few on the weekend and narrowed it down to three but got to work this morning and there were a pile more to go through.  I might have to axe/end the entry on Thursday this week, so you have until Thursday 13th to get them in 😉  Some have been very interesting.

While I was out on Saturday I saw a small Mayfly float past me. A few other anglers have reported seeing fish rising in the tails of some pools. Keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks.  If the weather stays good then we could be in for some good hatches.

(Below) Scummy pine pollen in the edges of the puddles.  This is not so good for those who suffer hay fever or Asthma.  It is the time of the year for it.  You will park your car down by the river and come back from fishing and find it yellow !! Also when there is a gust of wind you can experience a haze of yellow as it blows off the trees. Soon it will be time for the pine catkins to fall off.


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