Fishing Reports

Tuesday 10th September 2019

Highly Fishable

Mt Pihanga has some snow on the tops this morning and the Kaimanawas got a dusting as well so there is sure to be a few numb fingers out there this morning after the temps dropped last night. Some drizzle has been falling this morning but with a bit of luck we might see some sun over the next couple of days which will be great as it has been a damp Winter/Spring so far. The rain of late hasn’t increased the flows in the Tongariro and it remains in the high twenties making it very fishable. The fishing reports have been encouraging with both the experienced and the not so experienced finding enough willing takers to make the effort worthwhile. Fly selection has been fairly standard with the ever reliable egg patterns working well however cycling through your naturals will often get a reaction. The rivers have been busy but I was able to find a stretch of water to myself on Sunday, it gave me the opportunity to try a few different flys but the Rainbows that came to hand had a clear preference for the Hare and Copper. An angler in yesterday saw a good hatch of mayfly with rising fish, hopefully we get some more in the coming weeks.

Boaties are getting their share of the spoils out on the lake with fish being found at various depths, if one method doesn’t seem to be working a change of depth or system might get those rods bent. Pink and orange lures have been the most popular.

Any time is a good time to go fishing but one angler had an and interesting time yesterday when his line came tight but after a short time he was able to wind in a nice shiny but slightly beaten up watch. If you have lost a watch in the lower Tongariro we have it here so it could be time to pop in and see if it is yours. Sometimes the power of social media has some use after all…..great to say the owner of the watch has made contact and will pick it up when they find time 🙂 

Jared and I are in the shop today.



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