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Thursday 10th September 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast with lightest of drizzle falling here in Turangi this morning. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and flowing at about 25 cumecs.

Don’t forget the Tongariro River Recreational Release coming up THIS WEEKEND … see below

Saturday 12th September from the Poutu Intake commencing at 9:00am for 6 hours, target flow 30 cubic meters per second

Sunday 13th September from Rangipo Dam commencing at 8:00am for 8 hours, target flow 30 cubic meters per second

I was asked the question the other week by an angler as to what the release does.  My reply is below:

Usually the only release that affects the water in town is the one they release on the Saturday from the Poutu dam.

Assuming there has been no rain they release the water over the dam and it takes about 1-2 hours till it reaches town and brings the levels up. As the water rises anglers report great fishing …. then the water may become discoloured … I would say just keep fishing .. change to wetlining if too dirty or just fish the edges with the nymph.

If the water level in town is say 27 cumecs … the dam has a minimum spill of 16 cumecs every day …. if they say the want to target a 30 cumec flow they are trying to spill another 14 cumecs over the dam, so add the 14 cumecs to the 27 in town and you should get about 41-45 cumecs here in town ( assuming no rain ) this could go higher if it has been raining and the feeder streams will add more to this level.

My cut off level for fishing in town normally is about 60-70 cumecs.

The recreational releases are quite good if we haven’t had any rain as they give a bit of a freshness to the river for the fish and some fish may run.

Anglers are reporting a ton of fish in all rivers …. nothing new about this as this has been happening at this time of the year for the last 20 years I have been working in the shop.  The Spring probably contains the highest numbers of fish in the rivers here in the Taupo Fishery … as you have read in my reports ( and already forgotten ) I usually say things will get better as we head towards the Spring. In the late 1950’s Admiral Hickling also wrote in his book that he found September to be one of the best months to fish … so, going even on this Historical account …. has anything changed ??

The bonus that we have had this year is the lack of floods, so the population of fish has remained in the rivers.  If we have a series of floods this can knock the fish about quite a bit but we really haven’t had any real decent floods for quite some time. Even a 200-300 cumec flood is not what I would call decent.

Right… onto some more serious stuff …. ” The Blast From the Past ” for today’s report …

(Below) This is from way back in 2003 ….. I got the inspiration for this picture from the stack of Donald Duck comics I used to read as a kid …… there were a bunch of characters in the comics called “The Beagle Boys” , hence the title of the picture below ” The Beagle Boys “.  A little bit of imagination goes a long way and a simple computer program like Paint.  However when I came back from a trip overseas they had a friend in Customs who they said may threaten me with a rubber glove upon entry back into NZ 😉  I kept looking over my shoulder at the Airport !!


(Below) This is from 2004 and I titled this picture ” A Hard Day at the Office “.  Anyone who tells me fishing is “Hard” or ” Slow” really needs to take a leaf out of this anglers book and look at what fishing is really about ……

Nothing ” Hard ” about this, and when it comes to fishing  ” The Slower the Better ” 😉


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