Fishing Reports

Thursday 10th October 2019

Highly Fishable

Overcast and cloudy today.  No wind as of 9:00am.  We are expecting rain later on this afternoon.  The Tongariro is low and clear. The other rivers are low and clear.

I was out and about on the Tongariro yesterday afternoon.  After seeing the massive hatch of Mayflies the other day I was keen to get out with the dry fly. Basically yesterday I saw about 4 Mayflies for the whole day !!!  I started with a dry fly / dropper rig.  Second cast and I hooked a fish !!  Bonus what a great start to the day ….. I landed it and it took the dropper.  A few cast later and a Rainbow Trout Head poked out of the water by my fly and next thing I was on !!! It inhaled my dry fly. I fought the fish and had it just at my feet about to land and the tapered leader I was trialling gave way just before the fly … the fish left with my dry and dropper !! At least I knew the fish took the dry … it is always a bonus getting your first fish of the new season on a dry fly. I flicked here and there and never got another one to take the dropper or the dry.  I didn’t really see as many fish in the shallows as I was expecting.  After a lack of interest I changed to nymphing. Throughout the day I chopped and changed between the dry/dropper and nymphing setup.  The nymphing ended up doing better.  Most of the fish took a green caddis nymph. If dry fly fishing try a Parachute Adams with a small beaded hare and copper or pheasant tail beneath it as the dropper.

The thing with dry fly fishing is anglers wont do it until they see a fish rising.  It is not nessecary to see fish rising to use the dry.  The whole idea is to probe the water with your flies and see if you can get them to lift. It is a bonus if you do see them rise but not absolutely necessary.  A tapered leader helps turn the flies over to get them to present better.  Use the flies to FIND the fish.

I also got interviewed by a Fishery Ranger yesterday who checked my licence and also asked me a few questions for their surveys.

Pretty much all of the bigger fish I caught were recovering rainbows that are now in the feeding mode. This is the usual story for this time of the year. The rainbows have spawned and are now in the recovering / feeding mode.  They all have very sharp long teeth !! This is the time of the year for the fly fishing enthusiast who really enjoys the dry fly fishing.  Quality of fish is not that great but quality of angling is fantastic.  Also with the backcountry areas opening up then the local rivers basically become devoid of anglers and you can pretty much fish most places to yourself….. with the exception of quite a few masssive HATCHES of Rubber Rafts !!!

Pete said there was a fairly good evening rise on the Tongariro last night.


Spring Dy FLy Fishing on the Tongariro River

I picked up a couple of Subway Fish which are usually alway feisty and aggressive

A subway fish “Foot Long” caught in the Tongariro River. I think quite unusual for this time of the year. Pretty fat and healthy though.


A “contact lense ” from a fish I hooked the other day




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