Fishing Reports

Tuesday 10th November 2020

Highly Fishable

Cloudy with some patches of blue sky showing through. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is highly fishable today flowing at about 32.1 cumecs.  Today is a much nicer day compared to yesterday.

I stayed inside yesterday and tied some more ammunition for when the weather improves …. if it improves !! I tied up some more Sporting Caddis, Some Prince Nymphs a few bombs and some small Passion Vine Hoppers ready for the on coming season.  I’ve still got a few Green Beetles which are ready and waiting for when they arrive. Tying your own flies is a good way of getting what you want.  Looks like we have gone back to the weather cycles of when I was growing up in Turangi again.  If it is cloudy it seems to be raining and calmish … if the sun comes out the wind seems to be picking up.

The Tongariro is still FULL of fish.  Some really nice fresh ones in amongst them still trickling through.   I headed out for a bike ride on Sunday afternoon to check out the river.   Basically from the Major Jones Pool right upstream to the Red Hut Bridge and back the other side.  For the whole way I never saw ONE angler !!  Now is the time to hit the river if you want to be by yourself just about anywhere and be into some good numbers of fish.

With most anglers now heading to the Backcountry …. Neil and I prefer to stay in the ” Front Country ” …..

(Above) Looking upstream from the Red Hut bridge over the Tongariro River on Sunday afternoon. A great piece of water to fish in the ” Front Country “.

(Below) Looking downstream from the Red Hut bridge. The river looked to have an olive green colour to it from the rain that we have been getting.

(Below) It is the time of the year for the Larsen Family to gather again. They have a Family get together each year here in Turangi to do a bit of eating, drinking, laughing and fishing.  This started back in 2007.  Each year one of the family members makes up a T-Shirt to commemorate the event.  The picture below is the Design for this year.  The young fella wearing it said next year he wants there to be a picture of a Steak on the front as he says none of them catch anything! I think the one and only time they did catch a fish it had a plastic ring around its middle from something like a peanut butter jar and its body was really deformed !! I think they have the best fishing trips out of most of the anglers I know!

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