Fishing Reports

Friday 11th January 2019

Highly Fishable
Mostly cloudy

Another cracking morning here in Turangi.

Thank you to everyone who emailed in wanting to receive  the Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi newsletter. I will have the first issue out at the start of February with a summary of how the Rivers and Lakes through the Central Plateau fished for January, updates on whats new in the shop and what deals are available and some articles by anglers i know and trust.

If you want to be on the mail list just send me an email to saying you would like to receive it and I shall add you to the list.

I will be on the river this evening with my partner Kana as she learns to fly cast and read the river, It’s been quite fun watching her develop and see techniques click and become muscle memory. It’s been good for me too to have someone that I can use as a sounding board for my teaching and guiding because if I’m able to stay patient with the missus I should be good with everybody else. 🙂

There is the beautiful sound of Cicadas cherrping every morning. My super free range pet racing chicken Fast Chicken has been having a solid feed of Terrestrials early morning then doing laps around the back yard to burn them off. Training video included below. 🙂

There are some exceptional Brown Trout in the Tongariro. They are not easy to catch. We get a lot of people coming into the shop asking what’s working on the Browns and while everyday of the week i would be running the Dry Fly or the Dry Fly and dropper rig, the best answer is stealth and presentation. You can look at a beautiful brown in the river and you know that it doesn’t matter what you send his way he’s just doggo. You can see by their fin position. You’ll know a feeder when you see it. He’ll be on the move side to side, up and down picking up passing food. Get your stealthy presentation right to these guys and you’ll be rewarded with a stunning Central Plateau fish.

We are working on a few new things here at Sporting Life at the moment and some exciting times ahead. I will be in Australia next week with some of the Aussie Fly Fishing family working on a little filming project fishing in among-st the several thousand things that want to kill you, then I will be in Aitutaki  with some of the lads I fish here at home with chasing the Giant Trevally on the 12 weights and the Bonefish on the 8 weights, might even take a cheeky 10 weight with me for everything else in between. 🙂

See you at Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi


Andrew Burden