Fishing Reports

Thursday 11th February 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast with clear blue sunny patches.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable and flowing at 23.5 cumecs.

It was nice to get some rain over the last few days….. typical … I get two days off and the weather turns foul.  If anyone is experiencing a drought or you need some rain, just invite me when I have some of my days off.  Guaranteed to rain when I arrive.  A few years ago I went to the Gold Coast in Australia.  The Boss’s son who lived there said it hadn’t rained in 6 months. I turn up in the plane and there is a massive electrical storm and rain.  When we landed we couldn’t get out of the plane as the handlers were not allowed on the runway so we sat in the plane for ages, next we got out of the plane into the terminal and had to wait about an hour to claim our bags as the fire alarm had gone off … got our bags and then went to get a bus to get out of the airport only to find the road was closed where the buses leave from as a tree had fallen over the road from the storm!  My sister says come to Blenheim the weather is beautiful all of the time …. you guessed it, when I turn up they get rain !!!  Yup ….. just ask me when my days off are and I will bring you some really crap weather !!!  Now that I am back at work today the sun has come out.

This bit of a fresh will have worked wonders.  A little spike in the river will have cooled the water down a bit.  Anglers are seeing plenty of big brown trout.  If I wanted a bit of an edge to catch them I would book a trip here when we have the Recreational Release on Saturday 20th February and I would bring my sinking line to fish when the river gets a bit of colour to it from the release. Brown trout like to get caught in dirty water and in the dark.

Some nice fresh looking rainbows have been caught in the river over the last week or so.  Quite feisty they are too.  With most now back at work and school then now would be a good time to come fishing here to make the most of the river.  You will most likely have it all to yourself.

The evening rises are what I would call ” funny ” at the moment.  A bit of activity but they seem inconsistent and the fish don’t seem to be going nuts.  I have seen quite a few biggish mayflies hatching over the last few times out but nothing really seems to have been going for them.  Maybe the fish are too well fed on the copious amounts of fry that have been swimming in the edges.



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