Fishing Reports

Monday 11th March 2019


Some cloud around to start the day  with maybe a shower two in the forecast but shouldn’t be enough to stop from enjoying a great day in paradise.

The last few days anglers have reported catching some very nice FRESH RUN rainbows in the Tongariro river whilst wetlining. The rain and weather change last week look to have caused a good run of fish.  Most anglers will think this unusual but Jared who has been keeping an eye on the fishery for a long time says this is not uncommon.  He says you can get some early running rainbows that are of a good size but at this time of the year they will not be in huge numbers and some of these early run rainbows have been the best that he has caught over the next month or two.

Another angler was in the shop this morning and reported hooking 3 fish up at the Tauranga-Taupo River using a cicada.

At the moment anglers are being driven mad by the dense green weed that sticks to their flies after every cast …. this is the same colour as the olive woolly buggers that are working.

Jared went home at lunchtime and heard some cicadas chirping.  Things have tapered off in the chirping department but fish are still looking up at them and the odd fish or three are still having a go at them. There have also been black crickets chirping and the fish may also take a cicada pattern in roughly the same size, shape and colour as these.

With the fresh run rainbows showing up in the Tongariro the delta reports have been a little better.

Other anglers have reported plenty of fish rising at some of the river mouths around dark .. try a Passion Vine Hopper here or even a Sporting Caddis Dry fly.

Boat reports indicate fish caught at about 40-50m deep with downriggers coming into their own here.

Paddy Doyle dropped in this morning to show us these beauties caught on an olive woolly bugger.


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