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Friday 11th June 2021

Highly Fishable

Overcast and calm start to the day here in Turangi today.  The Tongariro is low and clear and fishable and flowing at about 21.5 cumecs.

FOUND – x1 Camera Tripod From the Hinemaiaia today – currently in store if this is yours

I’ve been flat out in the shop this morning. Plenty of anglers have turned up out of the woodwork to fish for the weekend.  I have seen some really good looking rainbows that have been caught.  Some really good sized ones with quite a few 6 pounders being reported.  They have generally had really nice deep red stripes along the sides of them.

The river anglers still tend to be favoring smaller naturals for nymphing with the ODD reports of fish taking glo bugs.

While the Lake Taupo level continues to be low then this is the time to target the drop off mouths.  Good reports from the Tongariro River Delta.  Also try the Waimarino and Tauranga-Taupo River mouths. Heave and Leave Glo Bugs and White Booby Flies have tended to be sought here.

If you are a boatie that hasn’t been out in the boat for a while just a reminder that with the Lake Level being so low you may need to raise your prop so you don’t end up ploughing a furrow to get out into the deeper water 😉

A reminder that the NEW SEASON TAUPO FISHING LICENCES are not ready for sale yet ….. closer to the end of the month they will be.

At this stage rain is forecast for Monday/Tuesday/ Wednesday next week.  The rivers are all still pretty low so any rain we get will be a bonus.  Also watch for a good flood as the fishing should be red hot after this.  We haven’t had a good flood in the Tongariro River for a while now and the river is holding a lot of slime which is holding a TON of insect life.  If we get a good flood and it turns a few rocks over then this should release most of these insects and the fish should just go into a feeding frenzy and gorge themselves similar to the picture of a fish I caught after a flood in May last year ( see below ).  This is out of the guts of just one trout.  Green and White Caddis and Pheasant Tails are my go-to flies after a good flush.

Hey Wally –  This is why the Green Caddis fly works well for me 😉





Lamson Guru S


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