Fishing Reports

Friday 11th October 2019


Currently experiencing heavy rain.  Basically no wind. The river as of 8:45am is still fishable and is climbing a wee bit ( a Gnat’s whisker at this stage ). This is expected to ease to showers later in the day and clear by evening.

Fingers crossed we don’t get a massive flood out of this.  A minor flush would be nice … around 70-90 cumecs would be good. This will dislodge a few nymphs and get the fish into a feeding freenzy.

This bit of rain may move some more fresh fish through the river.  Keep fishing if the river gets some colour to it.  If the river comes up and colours a bit this should favour the wetliners.

We had a couple of anglers call us in the shop late yesterday afternoon to report they had seen a strange fish up at Lake Otamangakau and had found it floating on the surface. We said to bring it into the shop so we could take a look at it.  A wee while later they came in with the fish in a plastic bag.  I said to Pete ” I think it looks like a Rudd ” so we Googled Rudd and sure enough it looked exactly like that … not like Kevin … but something just as fishy !  We suggested to take it into the DOC Taupo Fisheries team to get them to have a look at it. In future if you see something strange try and get a picture of it and forward to the DOC Taupo Fisheries Team.  Quite a few years ago a local angler was fishing the Canal up there and reported seeing quite fat little gold coloured fish.  I said to try and get some but no luck.  With every cell phone having a camera these days it is possible to get a picture or video of what you are seeing.

4:30pm  Seems like the river came up and got some colour to it today however most anglers in had caught fish this morning before it got a bit too dirty.  Reports of some nice fresh fish in the lower river.  Also reports of fresh run silver fish up the Tauranga-Taupo today.  Make a beeline for here tomorrow !


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