Fishing Reports

Monday 11th October

Highly Fishable

Another beautiful spring day here in Turangi! Andrew, Neil, Jesse and Sean from Category 3 got out yesterday with the raft on one of the smaller back country rivers and had a great day by all accounts with plenty of hard fighting fish and stunning conditions to boot. The Category 3 flies were the star of the day, especially the York which caught the majority of fish landed. We have a full range of Cat 3 flies in stock so come and get a few to top the box off they are a very consistent performer for us!

We have a bit of rain forecast for tomorrow morning so we will see if that brings in any fish, for the anglers that have been out most have reported a successful day and seen plenty of fish around so with how quiet the river is angler wise it is a great time to be out on the water.

It is nearly time to start getting the dry dropper rigs out, we have a full range of tapered leaders in multiple lengths and line weights in store and on our website so check them out and stock up for the summer ahead!


RIO Powerflex Knotless Leader

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