Fishing Reports

Wednesday 11th November 2020


Overcast with the odd patch of blue sky to start the day here in Turangi today.  A little bit of a blustery wind here in town this morning.  The Tongariro is a fishable level of 31.4 cumecs.

The number of river anglers have tapered off quite a bit since the last school holidays, so if you are into wanting to fish the river and basically have the WHOLE place to yourself then go ahead.  The river has still got HEAPS of fish in it.

Spoke to an angler who had a good afternoon on the Tongariro River yesterday.  He hooked about 9 and landed 7 in about 2hrs worth of fishing. He said the river just started to get a little colour to it and this seemed to turn the fish on.  There was a little spike in level yesterday to confirm this. Nymphing was the go.  With the extra little bit of flow to the river, the wetlining should be well worth a burn too. Dry/Dropper fishing is still worth a crack, especially if it is nice and sunny but pick your types of water for this.

Seeing the state of the rain from Napier and their flooding yesterday we had a couple of calls yesterday to see if the Tongariro was fishable. The Tongariro usually has only about 15 days a year where we would call it unfishable.  The way the weather comes can make a difference.   I have found when the East coast gets pounded by rain we tend to get the sting taken out of it and we can just get a fair bit of wind.  SE the same thing we don’t get much moisture.  Northerlies / NW can bring quite a bit of rain to us,  SW a bit of rain and wind …. Westerly can bring quite a bit of wind.

The other bonus for the angler who wants a “fishable river” is that the river levels are controlled and any little bit of extra water may be taken off and diverted which keeps the river at a FISHABLE level.  When there is TOO MUCH rain then there is no way they can control it and we get a flood. Believe it or not there have been anglers who have queried us over the years as to “why the river has come up so quickly ?” to which we usually reply “didn’t you hear the torrential rain last night ?”

(Below) A little bit of delayed coverage from my bike ride around the Tongariro River on Sunday afternoon.  This is looking upstream to the Shag Pool in the top centre of the picture.  You can just see the Red Hut bridge to the left of the picture.

(Below) This is looking down to the Duchess Pool and Kowhai Flats.


(Below) The evening light was nice coming through the trees on Sunday.  This is looking down to one of the channels entering the Duchess Pool.


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