Fishing Reports

Saturday 12th January 2019

Highly Fishable
Partly sunny

Its another beauty here in Turangi, the winds are light and the sun is shining and the Cicadas are going bonkers.

I took Kana for a walk to the Reed pool last night as she continues to practice and grow as an angler. She was getting a nice roll out on her cast with a nice straight line path of the rod tip and a back and forward cast with a good  accelerate to stop motion. Still in very early days of her casting but she is going to be a weapon.

She was able to get a few fish to the net in the 1 to 3 pound range but lost the big chaps as still a bit green on  playing a solid fish and perhaps locked down a bit too hard on them.

Kana on to her second fish of the evening in the riffle water

Fish number 1 for the night on the Reel

The number of Browns close in the shallows had appeared to of thinned out last night on our walk but we did only have a short window of good visibility.  But holy hell as we were walking the track down to the lower river the sun lit up a section of snaggy shitty water and the both of us nearly had a panic attack when an absolute monster brown just cruised into view, held position for a few seconds, saw us staring at him and then just slowly ambled off back into the shadow i’m sure with a smirk on his face knowing he would haunt my dreams that night. He did. 🙂


There are a lot of Mosquitoes everywhere around the river. I was hammered the other night when an after work session went later into the night and only wearing shorts with the legs exposed i became a blood donor to the Pestquitoes of the Tongario. Layer up and save the dreaded late night itch. Or get some good repellent. Kana was fine last night wearing Waders and layering properly with light weight gear that covered everything. We have just put the order in for some more mens shirts similar to the one Kana is wearing in a different colour range with a hood and we have a lot of the ones she is wearing in stock for the ladies in a range of colours and sizes so flick me an email to if you would like one and also to register for our up coming monthly news letter. Good quality Simms shirts.

On another note. Our good friend Lars lost his Sage One Rod Tube  on the River yesterday somewhere around the Admirals Pool, Cicada Pool, Stag Pool Area. If you happen to come across it cold you please get in tocuh with us r drop it into the shop. Much appreciated.


Myself and Pete are in the shop today so pop in and say g’day and get yourself geared up.


Andrew Burden