Fishing Reports

Wednesday 12th January 2022

Highly Fishable

The shop has been super busy still but feels like it might have slowed just a tad, not by much however and it’s great to see some new faces and old spending some quality time here in Turangi.

The last couple of days have been sunny and hot but tempered by a gusty breeze. It’s churned the lake a bit and kept some of the boaties at home but the anglers who made the effort have been well rewarded with some terrific Rainbow trout being put in the bin to be turned into yummy smoked offerings.

Judging by the way we have been blitzed with jigging combos and flys it’s no surprise that it’s the number one method of catching these trout. The Kilwell jig rigs featuring Grey Ghost, Ginger Mick and either a wooly bugger or rabbit fly have been flying off the wall, we still have them on the pins so come and grab some. Depths have varied from as shallow as 20 meters and I know of one reliable report of fish being found at 90 meters so I guess they are where you find them, try to find a run that might cover these depths and work them over until the fish show up and can be targeted. The venerable black and gold, green flash or silver flash Toby have been the go to for the trollers. My lake fishing spy tells me that his successes with Tassie Devils carrying some pink in them has been working well also.

The river fishing has been all about the cicada that have made a welcome return in good numbers. Not everyone has been having a win on the surface eaters but changing out to a nymphing rig will still find some nice fish. If you like a challenge grab a tapered leader tie on a black or olive cicada pattern and run them through the riffles or along the overgrown banks and see if one of the many Brown Trout that have entered the rivers will come out for a play. The Rainbows will sit happily in faster water so don’t neglect to target any water that looks like it might hold a fish.

Late yesterday evening my phone rang with Andrew calling in to see if I could make a mercy dash with a landing net and help bank a Brown that had taken a fancy to his swung deerhair cicada. He was still attached when I got there and after a few lunges (by the fish) a nicely spotted chunker came to hand for some glamor shots. I know this isn’t the first Brown that AB has landed but it is so cool to see the gleam in his eye and the stoke that comes from putting a plan together and reaping the rewards. I’m always happy to help out but maybe having a net, spare leader and even more than one fly put into that plan will make it all the easier next time 🙂



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