Fishing Reports

Monday 12th April 2021

Highly Fishable

Autumn rain has been the main feature over the last few days and it is starting to come in again this afternoon. The temps have been bearable but with has been the humidity, we are enjoying it while we can. The wind has been playing to game by keeping away which is always welcome. The recreational release and rain over the weekend saw the river pop up to 43cumec on Saturday and 50cumec early Sunday but by mid afternoon Sunday it had dropped back to a fishable level. It was quite coloured but slowly clearing so it was out with the 8wt to loosen up the casting arm with the heavy nymphing gear, it took some adjusting after months of casting the lighter 6wt but thankfully it was only near misses and not full on whacks in the back that eventuated, the lack of wind was a bonus here. Keeping it simple I went with a #10 Hare n Copper bomb and egg pattern to drift the edges looking for fish hiding out of the main flow. It took a bit of searching before I stumbled onto a patch of fish and as expected they took a liking to the nymph instead of the egg as these would have been dislodged in the faster flow. I had one fish to the bank and a couple of premature releases that kept the interest up before moving on further up the river. The nymphing wasn’t getting it done at the next spot and a change of method was called for, changing over to an integrated sinktip line and swinging some Woolly Buggers usually finds the better fish in these condition and sure enough the first fresh run maiden hen of the season smacked a rusty brown Woolly Bugger and put on a great show before sliding into the net, tea was sorted and new nutrients were added to the vege garden. It’s early days yet and should ramp up in the coming month or so, some of the better quality Rainbows can be found in the early stages so don’t wait for “better” days just get out there and do it.

Sounds like a few fish were waiting for the rain and river rises to make a run and the stream mouths and drop offs had some action yesterday afternoon, we have just stocked up on Booby Flys and Heave n Leaves so come and grab a few. Stripping baskets will make a huge difference to line management and we have a couple of options in store that will help get that extra bit of distance and find those bigger models that always seem to be out of reach.

The next week has rain or showers and will help get some more silver bullets to make their way up the rivers and stream and the season is looking in great shape….I don’t think the boat fishos caught all of them over the Summer 🙂

Need a new sinktip line for the Winter river runners or to sling a booby fly try this one….

RIO InTouch 24ft Sink Tip


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