Fishing Reports

Sunday 13th January 2019

Highly Fishable
Clouds and sun

We had a bit of drizzle to start the morning here in Turangi but it’s warming up now.

Myself, Pete and Kana ventured out last night to explore some more of the Tongariro. Kana was set up with a Cicada Pattern that Pete ties for the store and and size 12 Gold Bead Hoover about 3 foot below as a dropper. We fished some reasonably turbulent water around rocky structure. Kana had an absolute beautiful fish smash the nymph sub surface  and the dry fly went under at a rate of knots and she made the strike and it was hooked. Unfortunately as what can happen with a lot of anglers in the early stages of their fly fishing journey she locked down on it with to much pressure to early and this big head came out of the water with a couple of shakes and she was off. There was a very excited but slightly disappointed Kana left standing next to me with the line wrapped around her from the bounce back.

We headed a bit further up stream to a more open slower bit of water as the light started to change. Pete took Kana for a few casting tips while i got low and creeped up the edge of the river having a look around the shallow water for the edge feeding browns. Sure enough after only a couple steps there was a nice big chap drifting side to side picking up nymphs in about a foot of water. I got low and put a good cast I thought with just the leader rolling out softly with the dry fly landing in line about 9 foot in front of the brown and a tiny dropper nymph landing just behind. The brown came up to the dry and rejected it. I wound in to set up with another pattern then from above a giant turd from a shag sitting in the tree above decimated the peace and quiet and hit the water with force and Mr Brown sifted off to cover. The Shags were having a good laugh and i’m pretty sure they were aiming for my head.

We finished the night there as it got quite cold fairly quickly and only wearing shorts an a t-shirt didn’t help the cause but we will be back into it after work tonight because there are world class brown trout all through the Tongario and they are haunting my dreams.


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