Fishing Reports

Friday 13th March 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. 5 degrees celcius this morning outside when I opened the curtains !! A big drop in temperatures from about 2 weeks ago when we were getting 28 !!

No wind as of 9:00am.

I went out for an evening / night fish with my mate Kjell last night. We usually start off nymphing wating for it to get dark.  I hooked two good rainbows, landing one.  Then I hooked and landed a big brown which I was quite surprised at … meanwhile Kjell was just going through casting practice and washing his flies 😉

There appeared to be a bit of an evening rise last night with Caddis hatching.  While I was releasing the brown I has Caddis adults crawling all over my hands.  There were some good rises that I saw, not many but enough that it would have been worthwhile to swing a Caddis … I couldn’t be bothered to change over from the nymphing set up !

We then changed to the wetline as it got a little darker …… well, Kjell just ended up washing his flies again  and doing more casting practice …. poor chap wasn’t having a good night ….. I landed four rainbows and he still hadn’t had a tickle on his fly. The funny thing is I kept catching rainbows.  For all the years we have been doing this, I found this strange …. not one brown trout.  We swapped places after sitting down for a hot coffee.  Next thing I was into two more rainbows where he had been fishing and he still had caught nothing. Then … I ended up catching nothing  and he FINALLY caught a fish … which happened to be Mr Brown.  The one we were trying to target !!!  I was pleased he caught one. He says he must be crazy as he has travelled to New Zealand 32 times ( a total of 32 years , I’ve been fishing with him for about 17 years now ).  What person would travel from Sweden to NZ 32 years !!  I think he is very keen …..

Night fishing is great on the river and few people do it.  It is really easy but walking around the rocks is pretty tricky … makes it feel like you are permanently drunk !!

(Above) The rainbow I landed nymphing.  This one took a small black bead Hare and Copper nymph.

(Below) This was a FAT brown trout I landed nymphing before we started wetlining.

(Below) The first rainbow landed on the wetline last night.

(Below) I landed this rainbow and unfortunately noticed it was bleeding.  It took the fly down deep.  I had to dispatch this one as it wouldn’t have survived releasing. All of the other fish we released.







(Above & Below) The good sized brown trout that Kjell Finally managed to land. We gave up last night as it got too cold ! Our hands were freezing.

(Below) releasing Kjell’s brown trout.


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