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Saturday 13th June 2020

Highly Fishable

Kind of a misty start to the day here today ….. the kind of weather that favours Lichen …….. or makes an Asthmatic feel mouldy!  The blue sky is starting to penetrate through the mist to hopefully reveal a nice sunny day.  No wind as of 9:00am.

Finally I got a report from a boaty this morning …… “Caught fish on a Black and Gold Toby … it’s the only thing that ever works ” ….. it’s possibly due to the fact that it is the only thing ever used too 😉

A few boaties are reporting that the Level of Lake Taupo is very low with one saying how he had to lift the motor to head out through the Navigation Poles at Tokaanu yesterday.

With the low lake Level, this is the time to target the mouths with the deeper drop offs such as the Tongariro River Delta, Waimarino and the Tauranga-Taupo.  It would be worth a look at the Kuratau Spit as well.  Not much water reported running through the Kuratau River.

Yet again anglers are saying they have never seen the Lake so low, but are forgetting the other times the Lake has been ” this low “. Human Nature tends to forget anything about the weather in the past unless it has happened in the last week.

Now, onto the answer from yesterday about checking how many nymphs a Czech nympher can check on their Czech nymphing set up …. the answer is :

In the Taupo Fishery you can use 3 flies or hooks per line ( no treble hooks and the hooks must be separated independently of the others).

You may use three for trolling, three for harling, three for jigging and three for fly fishing …. some would say ” why bother  ? ”

Well the answer to this is simple ” you have a greater chance at finding out what colour or size of a fly the fish may take, also gives you a variety of flies to use ”  and also to make fly shops wealthier 😉

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