Fishing Reports

Thursday 13th August 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  A good frost to greet the curtain openers. No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

We’ve got pretty quiet all of a sudden with Auckland moving into level 3 lockdown !! However in saying that I am still busy in the shop.

Last day today to enter Jared’s Golden Ticket.  I’ve had quite a few entries and have narrowed it down to about half a dozen.  I’ll mull them over some more over the next week before announcing the ” Lucky Recipients ”

For those of you who like ” Swinging a Wet Fly”  we are now moving into the season of being able to  ”  Swing A Wee Wet ” .  Wee Wets are basically a pattern of fly that imitates an emerging Mayfly and can be pretty deadly.  They can be fished on a floating line or on a sinking line. They can be fished by themselves, as a team of two or three, or even behind a Woolly Bugger or Rabbit type style of wet fly.  There are also Soft Hackle emerger type patterns that do the same thing.  As the term ” Swinging ”  suggests, they can be swung exactly the same as a standard wet fly.

(Above) This is a Mayfly Adult and you can see the shape of the wings.  The flies below are representing the Adult just before it hatches out onto the surface.

(Below) The picture below shows two columns of Wee Wets to the left of the picture and they have fancy names such as Dad’s Favourite, Mallard and Claret, Red Tip Governor, Blue Dunn and Twilight Beauty to name a few.  The flies to the right of the picture are soft hackles and have names such as Hardy’s Favourite, Greenwell’s Glory and the one at the bottom is a Soft Hackle Deleatidium.

Wee Wets for the Tongariro River

(Below) Just hot off the water is local angler Graham Hamilton.  He was out on Lake Taupo at 8:00am and must have taken the boat out of the water at about 1:00pm.  He had about half a dozen fish in his bin. The condition on some of the fish look to have tapered off a bit from the real fat ones that he has been picking up.



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