Fishing Reports

Sunday 13th September 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  This is what I would call a nice Spring Day. A bit of a light to moderate blustery breeze here in Turangi today.  This may increase during the day. The Tongariro is highly fishable flowing at 25 cumecs.

3:00pm It’s been another busy day in the shop today …. I need some anglers to volunteer to work for me so I can get out for a fish 😉  The wind really picked up today and has been quite strong.  A few anglers have found it a little easier to wetline in the wind.

I spoke to a few anglers today with some struggling to catch fish yesterday in the Recreational Release, however today most anglers have reported catching something.  The extra volume and colour to the river will have made it trickier for anglers yesterday but those able to adapt should have still done well. The fish will have still been there but may have been in a different location in the pool.  You still need to get the basics right to pick them up in those conditions.  As the river gets up in volume and quite dirty at the inital part of the flush, I would head off the river to have something to eat and give it an hour or so to let the river settle a bit and then head back in to fish a bit later in the day.  The picture I showed yesterday at lunchtime should have been ideal conditions to catch fish in.

More reports of spent fish showing up now with some really nice fresh ones reported caught in amongst them.  We should still continue to get a push of fresh fish move into the rivers over the next month but we haven’t really had a good low pressure system and rain to kick things off.

Don’t forget new Fish and Game Fishing Licences are due on 1st October – remember that the Fish and Game Fishing Licence is not the same as the Taupo Fishing Licence and having one does not mean you can fish the other.

Don’t forget that Lake Otamangakau opens on 1st October as does Lake Kuratau …. weather for my early recollections of fishing Lake O at the opening of the season can go either downpour wet, sleet / hail or warm and sunny.  Be prepared.  The opening of these Lakes will open up spin fishing opportunities for those who like to spin fish.  Just remember that you cannot use treble hooks in the Taupo Fishery areas that are classified for spin fishing.  You may use bubble floats and flies in the spin fishing areas.


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