Fishing Reports

Monday 13th September 2021


It has been a grey and dull day here in Turangi but the rain has stayed away. It has got dark quickly this afternoon and the smell of rain is on the wind. Good falls are predicted for tonight so we will have to wait and see what the morning brings us, if the rivers don’t get too much flow the fishing could be great. I gave the jalopy a run down to the Tokaanu boat ramps this morning and was surprised to see no cars or trailers parked up…..there are times I wished I had a boat again because it sure looked fishy out there even if a little gloomy.

There has been fewer anglers about today and only a couple of reports have come in but some of the Rainbows landed and lost have seen fishos coming in to restock on stronger nylon. Speaking of such we have had some of the Hanak fluorocarbon tippet arrive with our shipment of other goodies from the Hanak range of hooks and beads. It was a bit of a mission but we found enough space on the tying material wall to fit it all on so come in and check out the range.

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