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Wednesday 13th October 2021

Highly Fishable

A lovely sunny morning in Turangi today and in stark contrast to yesterday’s chilly squalls. The Tongariro spiked at 36cumec yesterday and has settled on 30cumec today, this will be very fishable. It might have a slight taint in colour but that isn’t a bad thing. The fishos who have been in the shop this morning report that they all got a fish or two but had to work for them, changing out flys seemed to be the common comment. The stomach contents of processed Trout have been packed with Horn Cased Caddis which can explain why flys like a Pheasant Tail nymph was popular. I noticed Mayflys hatching periodically yesterday as well so if those egg patterns aren’t working like usual try a natural nymph. With the lighter winds over the next few days it will be worth spending a few hours late in the day seeing if there is a rising fish or two, these can be targeted with small wee wets or emergers and can be heaps of fun on lighter gear.

I didn’t see too many anglers yesterday and finding a spot to play with the Spey rod was fairly easy. The gusts played havoc with my dodgy presentations but when it did get out there a hungry fish was happy to eat an orange beaded Woolly Bugger. A few of the hits were a little timid but others were like a smack up the side of the head came out of nowhere. As we wind down from chasing the silver Rainbows that have featured through the colder months a change to lighter Skandi heads and surface presentations will keep this Spey rod in action as it warms up and hungry Brown Trout come into the Tongariro looking for an easy feed.


There was plenty of room for a cast below the main road bridge this morning

Not huge but fiesty.

Not many spots on this one but put on a good performance jumping all over the place.

No secret where this pool is and a firm favourite to have a swing in


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