Fishing Reports

Friday 13th November 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast but calm start to the day here in Turangi today.  The Tongariro is clear and highly fishable flowing at 29 cumecs.

I went out for a flick on the Tongariro River after work yesterday. It was a nice sunny day but the wind was a little blustery and cool.  I headed up to the Boulder Reach.  I started off dry/dropper but had no luck, then changed to nymphing.  About 3rd cast I hooked one …. came off, the very next cast hooked another and this one jumped out of the water and got off … checked my flies … all ok.  The very next cast hooked another one … came off … checked my flies, one had a contact lense on it.  Took that off.  A few casts later hooked a snag … lost two flies … retied, four casts later hooked another fish … it took off downriver and I thought … YESSSS I’M IN …. next thing the line stopped moving …. fish must have wrapped around the snag …. busted off the snag, no fish and lost another fly ….. retied carried on up hooked another got off !!  Man was I not having a great time ….. finally hooked and landed one nymphing ….. saw the odd fish rise.   Changed back to the dry fly.  Eventually hooked one on the Parachute Dry Fly.  A few more started rising, changed to the Sporting Caddis, hooked and landed one …. damaged fly getting it out …. one wing had come off …. I’ll chuck it out anyway as I’m too lazy to change it …. four HITS in four casts ….. something’s wrong … must be because of the wing missing … changed to a fresh new fly, hooked one and landed straight away …. went to pull hook out and pulled the end of the fly off …. had to change to a new fly whilst inhaling insects in the dark with poor vision ….  landed a few more fish, had a few more HITS and didn’t hook up …. gave up in the end …. walking back to the car inhaled a stink bug …. coughed and spluttered … about to get in the car a small bug flew into my eye !!! WHO the HELL LOVES FISHING!!

(Above) Looking upstream at the Boulder Reach yesterday evening. One of the VERY FEW sunny days that we have had over the last three weeks or so.

(Below) The only fish I did land nymphing. A little on the slim side but pulled some line off the reel !!

(Below) The only fish I landed on the Parachute Dry Fly.  They put up a great fight on the dry.

(Above & Below)  A couple of fish landed on the Sporting Caddis.

(Below) This fish was caught on a Sporting Caddis dry fly.  It gave me about 5 really good runs  … I would wind it up to the rod and then it would scream off down river again.

(Below) Another one landed on the Sporting Caddis …

(Below) Just arrived to fill up the fly bins here at Sporting Life … a full selection of Category Three ( C3 ) flies.  The ones in the picture have been pretty popular.  This is the C3 101.


(Above & Below)  A little bit more delayed coverage from my Sunday burn around the river on my bike.  The picture at the top is looking upstream to the Stag Pool.  The picture below is looking downstream to the tail of the Cicada Pool / Slab Alley.  I’m sure some of you stuck overseas with this Covid thing will be hanging out to get here for a fish again !!

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