Fishing Reports

Saturday 13th November 2021

Highly Fishable

The rain has arrived back in Turangi this morning with a good amount falling consistently for most of the morning. The river has lifted slightly to 28 cumec after dropping under 26 cumec for the first time in quite a few months. We have had a lot of anglers coming into the shop that have had good success in the past few days especially lower down on the river with the shallower runs and riffles producing the most consistent action. The amount of juvenile trout on the edges has exploded with a quick shine of the torch in the evenings right in close revealing hundreds of the little fellas scooting around in the relative safety of the shallows, however once the browns turn up in big numbers in the coming weeks they will be in trouble!

With the rain coming through its a good time to be on the water with a waterproof pack, as well as making sure the rain stays out in weather like this if you do happen to take a fall in deeper water they can help keep you afloat as well as keeping the river out of any expensive camera gear etc. that you have stashed inside. Well worth checking out!

Simms: Dry Creek Simple Pack – 25L, Riparian Camo

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