Fishing Reports

Thursday 14th January 2021

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today.  A little on the humid side.  No wind as of 9:00am.  The Tongariro is flowing at 23.8 cumecs and is fishable.

We had a report of a few more fish lifting to the cicada in the Tongariro yesterday. Fingers crossed the weather plays ball this year.  We don’t want it to get too dry and we don’t want it to get too cold. If things go according to plan then we should see more and more action on the cicadas over the next few weeks.

Quite a few brown trout showing up in the Tongariro now.  Also quite a few juvenile “Dinks/Sardines/Subway Fish” reported getting caught. Unfortunately these are a pest and sometimes prevent you from catching the bigger fish.  I have seen one of these dart out from between 5 big sized browns to take my fly!! They will most readily take your fly.

Some anglers reporting “nothing in the river” during the day but then go back to the spot they fished during the day only to see a ton of fish rising in the evening 😉 Doing the right things during the day will still catch you the big ones … hunting them down is the tactic for this time of the year.  If you get one good sized fish in a pool and then fish 6 pools for the day then that is a 6 fish day.  The Summertime is different than the Wintertime where fish stack up in a pool. Those spoilt by easy fishing in the Winter may struggle in the Summer. Those who know what they are doing will still catch fish.

Things have tapered off a bit visitor wise over the week with most possibly heading back to work on Monday at the start of this week. Now is a good time to head this way for a fish if you want to avoid the crowds.

I received this email and photo overnight thanks to Ant Gibbons who has been doing really well on Smelting Fish at the Lake Taupo River mouths.  Ant writes:

Hi guys,

Just though I’d flick through a few images from a stream mouth fishing mission my son Josh and myself did a few days ago. We jumped in the boat at Kuratau and fished woolly patterns on sink tips at a few stream mouth rips around the lake. Traveling just on 65 kms for the day. We caught more than 30 fish. Most of which were in great condition. The best being a 6.2 lb hen secured by Josh who’s twelve years old. Its certainly a easy way to get the kids keen on fly fishing as there’s usually plenty of action to keep them amused. Only down side of the day was I busted the tip off my favorite rod on a silver acrobat rainbow . So it’s now on it’s way back to the states for a repair…… Gotta love Sages lifetime warranty.  I rattled around in the boat and found an Echo “Bad ass glass “rod. Talk about chalk and cheese, compared to a fast action rod. 🤣🤣🤣Anyway…. We find this type of fishing a refreshing alternative to river fishing in this heat current.  Best regards Ant Gibbons.

(Above)  Josh with a good sized Lake Taupo Rainbow Trout.

(Below) Ant and a Smelter.

(Below) Father and Son having a great time.


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