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Friday 14th June 2019

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Well the Tongariro has been fantastic for me over the last few days.

I have just returned from a lunch time session at the main road Bridge Pool. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea down there with the number of anglers that fish it but for me its’s a bit of an iconic spot and a spot where I will always run into someone I’m happy to have a yarn with, either local angler of visitor to town.

This lunch break it was Hef from Opunake, part of the Opunake Rat Pack who call Turangi their home away from home in the winter months. Hef had two beautiful rainbows and I had 1 stunner to the bank before having to return to work.

It’s key to your success out there to put some thought into your leaders and tippet setups, your drifts and your fly selections, for me personally weight of fly is more important than look of the fly, I know this first hand as I tie some terrible looking flies but I know what they weigh and how fast they will drop to the bottom. I know how long my leaders need to be, especially on our local rivers and this has come from hours and hours and hours of trial and error to find success.

There is always a lot of problem solving required when fly fishing to rainbow and brown trout around the globe. What leader length works in 1 pool will often be far from effective on the next pool, Heavy weighted flies may do the trick in the big pools but have you dragging the rocks on the bottom of the next.

Make the changes you need to make to bring you success. You have come this far to hit these beautiful waterways and to enjoy the surroundings of Turangi. Avoid getting complacent on the river, change that leader, change that fly, solve that problem and make the celebration in the Turangi Tavern that much sweeter.

Today I ran one of my home made Hare & Copper variations teamed up with the Manic Tackle Project Bright Orange Otters Egg. It was an indicator session with the Otters Egg tied off of a dropper tag about 30cm above the size 10 Hare and Copper.

Drift is King in getting a good presentation, so make sure your line maintenance is solid on the water. Mends when mends are required and mend according to the flow. Dont just mend up stream because Joe Bloggs said so. Learn to manage your line on the water and manipulate it to have your indicator drifting perfectly with the flow.For the rest of June I will be doing a special on my Full Days Guided rate for a Euro Nymphing experience so get in touch if you are interested to learn, have some fun and get into fish.

See you at Sporting Life Fishing Outfitters – Turangi

Guided Fly Fishing New Zealand – Andrew Burden

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