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Wednesday 14th July 2021

Highly Fishable

A fine, frosty and sunny start to the day here in Turangi this morning. It was -3.4 degrees at 7:41am.  No wind as of 9:30am.  The Tongariro is clear and in a highly fishable condition flowing at 25.4 cumecs.

We had a young fella in the shop this morning who had been out for a fish before work.  We said to him “Did you catch anything?”… “No, my hands were frozen and the guides froze up” …. He shoulda read my post the other day about not going out on these days until the sun is up over the yardarm !  Age and Experience triumphs over Youth, Beauty and Enthusiasm 😉

(Below) Neil was out and about before work this morning and took this frosty shot looking upstream to the Hydro Pool at about 8:15am.


(Above) A little bit of delayed coverage from Sunday.  I headed out for a flick on Sunday afternoon.  I caught up with this young chap … Evan from Te Horo. I saw him when I was out fishing the day before being Saturday. He was going hard out with his casting and he was battling in the wind.  He was out for the time I was and I thought … “Geeze he is keen to fish in those conditions” He was doing better than most adult anglers !!.  Also I had to admire his Mum with her patience to stand on the bank to keep an eye on him and to handle the cold. Anyway, I went out on the Sunday and I had just got to the pool and started to fish.  I heard a noise on the approach of another angler and turned to see Evan and his Mum.  I suggested they head on up above me which was more suitable water for his thigh waders.  Off they went.  A few minutes later I hooked a fish and waved out to Evan to come down to me. I wanted him to play the fish.  Down he came and this is the fish he fought and landed.  I went up to him and gave him a few tips on tying knots and changed his end fly…. I said to him I would demo him how to drift his flies .. I said “I’ll show you this only once and then you can do it from there” … fortunately but “unfortunately” I hooked a fish on the first drift … handed over his rod so he could play it but the hooks gave way ( I’d tested the flies and knots for strength before hand ).They had parted on the eye of bomb. After re-tying a new set he carried on for quite a while but no luck for him … They were about to pack up and head off as he had worn himself out over a few days of fishing and was getting tired … I had just landed a fish and offered it to him to take home. It was good to see a keen young fella having a go !

(Above & Below) A few more rainbows I landed on Sunday afternoon.  The one below was a nice fat silver hen.

(Below) I landed this Jack on a bomb I had found using two orange tungsten beads with a bit of white fluff tied on it.  I try and use old flies after a flood to use as my snag seaking missiles so I don’t sacrifice my good ones. The fish took the fly though …  when I got it to the bank it had a funny deformed jaw.

(Above & Below) A kind of big lumpy thing on the jaw.


(Below) An alternative shooting head line for the Scientific Anglers Shooting head

RIO Fathom sinking line sink 6




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