Fishing Reports

Saturday 14th September 2019

Mostly cloudy

Wow it’s been a busy day in the shop and it’s taken most of the day to get the report up… took a few hours this morning before we starting seeing the effects of the recreational release on the Tongariro and it has been flowing at 46cummecs since about 9.00am, those who got out early today probably had the best of it but even though the river will colour and be running higher it should still be fishable. Caution is advised during these releases so don’t be too eager to cross onto islands and get stuck. There will also be rafters and kayakers taking advantage of the flow so be prepared to share. It will be higher for most of today but should be a better day tomorrow, this might depend on how much rain we get overnight however. The wetliners may be more successful today but there has been a couple of nymphers who have had some fun targetting the softer edges.

The lake has been fishing well with some good reports from the jiggers, orange or the ever popular traffic lights have kept the trollers busy.

The How to master the Tongariro Roll Cast day being hosted by Kyle Adams from the Manic Tackle Project was booked out in quick order so for those who missed out have a look at this link and see how to master the TRC by the the man himself.






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