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Monday 14th September 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. Quite a strong and gusty wind blowing from the W / SW. The Tongariro is clear and fishable.

It appears the “Good Old Equinoctial Winds”  –  ( Blustery spring winds known as “equinoctial gales” ) have whipped up.  Usually these occur at the same time my Tulip flowers bloom. They just start looking good and then get blown to smithereens.  Plants are a good way of working out what weather happens at a certain time of the year.  Birthdays are always good for doing this as well as they are constant days.  Try and remember the weather at these times of the year and more often than not it is the same. Association of time and events makes it easier to remember things.

Wind is not the friend of the fly caster …… sometimes trying to battle through the gales one has to wonder why they began fly fishing to begin with !!! It does not make it pleasant battling away.  Sometimes you are better of just to stay at home and probably tie some flies waiting for the wind to taper off.

An email I just received this morning.  If anyone can help, contact us on (07) 386 8996 or email

Hi. On the off chance if a set of keys gets dropped off at your shop . I lost a set of keys with a mini yellow Jandal and red stripes . Lost at the lower bridge pool parking spot. Long shot but would appreciate an email. Regards Ray


(Below)  This is another ” Blast From the Past ” .  I think this was from around 2003.

There was an American angler who was staying in Turangi to fish who had gone out with a Fishing Guide the day before.  They had crossed to an island.   Next day, the angler decided to do the same thing again by himself.  What he hadn’t realized was that we had extremely heavy rain overnight and that while he was on the island, the river had come up in flood. He sent out a call and got rescued but unfortunately his rental car basically could not be recovered – that day at least.  He was Sooooooo lucky that the place he had parked was probably the highest place that he could have done so and the car remained there overnight. It was recovered the next day or the day there after.  The water in the channel to the left of the picture had to go down enough to be able to do this.

The location of this was about 2-300m downstream of the S.H.1 road bridge almost opposite the rock wall at Herekiekie Street.  I think the level of the water just got up to the height of the tires.

So, herein lies a lesson for anglers in general ….. you may be standing in sunshine in a part of a river system fishing away happily, but always be aware of what happens up in the head waters,  especially in the Summer.  Always have a plan of being able to get out.

Two old anglers got stuck on an island in the river here at the Tongariro one time and devised a plan to be able to get off. They told me they got out of their breathable waders and trapped air in them to create a buoyancy device. Quite clever I thought.  Also if you have a backpack that is one of those fully sealed waterproof ones it can also be used to trap air, or if not put all of your gear in a large waterpoof dry bag that can also be used to trap air for a floatation device.  Also have some means on you to be able to light a fire if you get wet and cold and are miles from nowhere.  Make sure that it is fully waterproof …. matches get wet and lighters also get wet.  Try a Swedish Firesteel ……. they can still light when wet.

(Above & Below)  These pictures I titled “Flood With the Car” – Tongariro River about 2003 .. I think – even my memory is getting fuzzy these days 😉

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