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A very muggy day here in Turangi after yesterdays rain! The river came up some more overnight to 34 cumec but has dropped back down to around 30 at the time of writing. The river looks really good at the moment with a hint of colour in it and with a few anglers in town I’m sure there will be a few good fish put on the bank today.

We have got a few more wee wets in stock with some of the classic patterns such as Twilight Beauties and March Browns back in the display trays. Swinging wee wets is a technique that doesn’t get a lot of attention which is a bit strange considering just how deadly it can be! Later in the afternoons when the fish are hammering emerging nymphs (an easy way to tell is when you are seeing rises but instead of seeing their head/jaw come out of the water when they eat you see the body/dorsal fin come out of the water, this indicates they are eating sub surface and not off the top) swinging a pair of wee wets on a floating line can produce some incredible action. Fishing a small dry fly, an elk hair caddis with a wee wet a foot behind and swinging downstream in the dark produced half a dozen nice rainbows for me on a recent evening session. Give it a go, you may be pleasantly surprised!

We really enjoy getting pics of catches from customers and reports about how you have all been doing, so please feel free to send us an email at! Jason from River Birches Lodge sent us these pics – “Fishing has been good. Here are two nice brown hens, 6.6 & 7.5lbs caught in the Western Bays while night fishing. I used a fast sinking line with a white booby. Now they are ready for the smoker.”

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