Fishing Reports

Wednesday 15th January 2020

Highly Fishable
Mostly sunny

Fine and sunny start for the day here in Turangi today.  No wind ( YAY!! ). The rivers are clear and fishable.

Plenty of anglers are still jigging out on Lake Taupo but it will still be worth a fly fish at the mouths.  I saw a picture this morning of a very nice rainbow caught on a smelt fly at the Delta.  This looked very similar to the fish caught trolling the other day by Graham Hamilton.  There seems to have been a good smelt season leading into the Summer.  This will bode well for the coming river season.  I would expect the early running rainbows in the Tongariro to be quite good.

We just need the temperatures to increase to get the cicadas hatching.  To me the Summer so far appears to have been ” COOLER ” than normal … actually quite nice …. but as I have said in the past the cicadas are a finnicky creature … they seem to be very temperature sensitive.  In years gone past a window of two weeks in February only is your chance … with one really good year I was getting trout to lift to cicadas into the 1st week of April.


(Below) Neil was out and about this morning before work and took this picture of plenty of angler-less water at the Hydro Pool.


(Below) 11:00am … Graham Hamilton called into the shop to say he did one better than the other day.  This really nice looking rainbow jack fish was caught trolling by him this morning.  He was trolling using the ” Traditional” leadline and towing a Kilwell Toby trolling lure.  Me tinx there will be some great fish run the river this year !



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