Fishing Reports

Thursday 15th April 2021

Highly Fishable

I can see the breeze shaking the rust coloured leaves off the trees down the mall this afternoon and the temp has dropped a bit from the last few days. It actually hit 3deg on the gauge this morning and it was wee big chilly standing on the Red Hut Swing bridge when I drove down to get some photos. The river looked very fishy and it was just as well I didn’t have my gear in the car or I would have been late getting to the shop for sure.

Seems there are quite a few little ones taking flys from the few reports in over the last day or two although I did get to see a photo of a very nice silver Rainbow from one of the town pools so there has been a few fish enter the river after the weekends extra flow. A good flush right now would do wonders for the system and set the scene for a ripper start to the Winter season.

With the bit of chill in the air this morning the thoughts turn to keeping warm so as to stay in the game. We’ve got stock of the Simms Winter range on the racks which will keep you toasty from base layer to top coat, well worth dropping in to have a look.

Those fresh run Rainbows are not too far away now and something with a bit of weight will be needed to dredge the hidey holes they like to lay up in, Tim has been tying up a storm and his TB Armadillo flys will get down quick and look good enough that the Trout won’t be able to resist.

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