Fishing Reports

Friday 15th May 2020

Highly Fishable

Under level 2 we are back open and operating here at Sporting Life.  The shop is open.

If you can’t get here but require some ” Stuff ” you can contact us by the methods below and we can send out.  Thanks for your support:

Phone : (07) 386 8996


Web Shop:

Fine and sunny start to the day here in Turangi today. Think it was about 3 degrees celcius on the outside thermometer when I opened the curtains this morning. No wind which is a bonus for the fly caster.  The Tongariro is running low and clear … really clear.

We had a busy time in the shop yesterday with quite a few customers which was good to see. A few stunk of trout … yes, we can smell it on you and even if you say you haven’t caught anything …. we can smell it !! I saw evidence of a good sized brown trout that had been caught. A good mixture of nymphers and wetliners hitting the river.  The odd fish is still been seen rising.


(Above) I could see three anglers up in the Hydro Pool at 10:00am this morning. Look at that day !!

(Below) ” Fancy a Shag ? … How about a Duck then ?? ”  I spotted this Shag sitting on the rock.  I would call it the most skillful angler on the river at present. There seems to be heaps of them around, along with a ton of Blue Ducks.

(Below) Looking downstream to the Major Jones Swing Bridge.

(Below) Looking downstream to the Breakfast Pool and beyond the Major Jones Pool.  I didn’t see any anlgers in here this morning.


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