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Thursday 15th July 2021

Highly Fishable

Fine but high cloud start to the day here in Turangi today. No wind as of 10:00am.  The Tongariro is clear and in a highly fishable condition.

School holidays has been ticking along with a few families turning up to have a play in the snow up on Mt Ruapehu and then spend a bit of time fishing.  It is good to see the kids out and about. Most anglers through the shop are still nymphing … seems to have quietened off with the wetliners ….. not sure why as you should catch some cracker fish on the wetline at the moment. Nymphers still seem to be preferring natural nymphs over glo bugs at the moment.  Something with a bit of a flash in it on a sunny day seems to be the go. Still pays to put a glo bug on at first and last light and try through a pool, but if nothing takes it during the day then if the water looks fishy put on a natural and go back through.

A good report from a Lake Taupo Troller this morning … down quite deep he said …


The picture and email below received yesterday is thanks to Bill Kratzel from the West Island of New Zealand we call Australia …. I’m not sure whether the fish swallowed a glo bug but to me it looks like it got infected by a Delta Variant of the Covid virus ….

(Below)  Jared, After recently spending 2 weeks in Turangi , fishing the Big O and surrounding rivers for fish averaging 2-4kgs , I returned home to Canberra and a few days later spent a day fishing our supposedly best trout waters in the snowy mountains. The end result was the massive fish in the attached photo, on a globug. Hopefully I’ll catch him again in a couple of years time when he’s 3 kg heavier. And people wonder why us anglers travel to Nz every year ! Regards Bill K




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