Fishing Reports

Thursday 15th October 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast with light rain falling here in Turangi today. A good dumping of snow on Mt Pihanga this morning ( not unusual … we’ve had snow on Pihanga 2-3 days before Christmas Day before ).  No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is flowing at 29.7 cumecs.
Reports from yesterday indicated anglers struggled a wee bit … not sure why.  The conditions of the river were perfect for nymphing, wetlining and skagit-ing ….. some said too much colour …. others who have seen the river conditions over the last 20-30 years said  ” PERFECT ” conditions.
I managed to get out for a flick after work last night to try out a double hand Primal Rod.  I picked up a few on it and had a few more ” tugs “.  The trouble I am finding at the moment is by the time I get home from work and have a quick snack and then get the car loaded and changed into my waders and then get to the river I still don’t have quite enough time to settle in.
I picked up a few on the olive woolly bugger and got one on a wee wet.  A few on the retrieve and a few on the swing.
I saw fish rising in the tail of the pool and covered them but hooked nothing.  I figured I was going under them with the MOW tip I had on, but didn’t have a floating MOW tip to change to, so changed over to the #6 fly rod and put on my Black Death .. alias ” Sporting Caddis “and swung and skated the fly and picked up a really nice fat silver looking fish. By the time I unhooked this fish and took a photo, I turned around to get ready to cast again and basically nothing was rising….. the rise had finished.  I should have used the Sporting Caddis as soon as I saw the fish rising.
(Below) What could best be described as a “Solid Cloud” that has adorned the summit of Mt Pihanga this morning here in Turangi. The funny thing is  … it doesn’t feel that cold.  Everyone forgets that Spring weather can be all over the show here in NZ.  One minute you can be in shorts and a T Shirt, next thing, it could be sleeting and hailing, next thing sunny again, next thing torrential downpour  ….. for those “New ” to the area they may think strange and unusual, for those who have lived here in the area a long time and an “remember” past weather, this can be quite normal for this time of the year.  My Father always said to me … don’t plant your Spuds until Labour Weekend here in Turangi as we can be prone to late frosts that wipe out Spuds and Tomatoes.

(Below) I hooked this fish pretty quickly after starting fishing last night.  This one took on the retrieve.  It is a good example of what we call a Slab / Spent / Recoveing or Kelt fish.  One that has put all its effort into spawning and has got what I call ” pretty tired and worn out “.

(Below) A better conditioned spawning jack caught on the ” Swing “. This one was quite fat and plump. The fish were particularly into an Olive Woolly Bugger yesterday evening.  I would have given my Eye Teeth to be out all day yesterday in those perfect conditions !!


(Below) Another fish on the Olive Woolly Bugger.

(Above & Below) This fish took a Wee Wet.  I didn’t see many insects hatching yesterday evening.  This fish got hooked right on the bottom jaw.  I got this on the retrieve.  the fish must have come up behind the fly and grabbed it.

(Below) This fish took the Sporting Caddis.  It was a nice fat plump fish.  They put up a great fight when you catch them on the dry fly.

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