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Monday 15th November 2021

Highly Fishable
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Cloudy with the odd sunny break today and the wind has picked up throughout the morning. The Tongariro looked very fishable this morning but with the showers of rain that have pulsed through the district the flow has been up and down a tad but not enough to be a problem. It is currently flowing at 31cumec. The humid weather is still with us and with more showers in the forecast today it will be with us for a while longer yet. It gets a little uncomfortable at times but helps get the bugs on the wing which should get the Trout looking up. It is very early days but there has been a cicada or two heard chirping around town so let’s hope they really fire up this season.

There has been heaps of fish to be found through the Tongariro and the dry dropper fishing has been super popular. Indicator nymphing and swinging streamers still have their place and will get their share. Size #14 and #16 Pheasant Tails and Hare n Coppers have been to the Trout’s liking, #8 red rabbits and olive woolly buggers would be my pick if heading out with the sinking line. The evening rise was a little different yesterday with very little Mayfly action to start with but the Caddis busted out some moves right on dark which brought the fish up for a feed.

The wind has kept most of the boaties off Lake Taupo but the hardy few who have braved the conditions report they are catching more recovering Trout. This is not unusual at this time of the year and there are still plenty of keepers in better condition to be brought home for the smoker. Most of the fish have been gorging on smelt and a few have been grazing on Koura, these will be the fish with red scarring around the lips and a prolapsed vent from trying to pass the shell. These Koura munchers will have some outstanding red flesh and tasted superb. Trolling Tasmanian Devils in orange, green and chartreuse variants are working well, harling green orbits or yellow lady flys have been clear winners.

Neil and T.

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