Fishing Reports

Thursday 16th August 2018


Fine and sunny with high cloud. No wind as of 9:00am. The Tongariro is flowing at about 30 cumecs.

I saw the first Cherry Blossoms yesterday and it feels like Spring is well on the way. Just be warned that we sometimes get some good weather which lulls you into a false sense and then WAMMO we get hit by some nasty cold windy Spring weather with sleet and hails storms.I have been up at Lake O on opening day 1st October and been sleeted on! You might want to carry a few dries with you from now on just in case you witness some rising fish. React to what your eyes tell you not what your brain says should happen. If fish are rising they are rising. Don’t think that they are only set to rise at a certain time of the year so you should wait until then – the issue with this is it may not happen at all when you think it will happen.

Don’t forget that we are just over two weeks away until Lake Rotoaira opens up on 1st September.

dick le fort4lb tongariro rainbow aug 2018.jpg

(Above) This picture was sent in thanks to Dick Le Fort. Dick writes:

Hi Guys,here’s the best of a couple I caught yesterday on the Tongariro! A 4lb fish in the old money….

Cheers Dick

(Below) This photo was sent in thanks to Bart Burgers. A fat looking silver rainbow hen.

bart burgers fresh run rainbow august 2018.jpg

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