Fishing Reports

Tuesday 16th November 2021

Highly Fishable

Another day of sunshine one moment and showers the next, Spring is still springing her surprises on us. The stiff breeze today will have kept most boats on trailers and after crossing paths with one of our lake regulars in the supermarket today it was a sure sign it was a better day to stay on terra firma.

Not many reports from the smaller streams coming in but the reports from anglers who have been out on the Tongariro have been encouraging. Dodging the wind would have been the main issue but there is usually somewhere to be found. The river flow has been steady around the 30cumec mark and might have had a touch of colour but would have been very fishable today, if we don’t get any significant rain overnight it will fish great on Wednesday. There was a decent rise last evening so hopefully we see a slight ease in the wind out there now and it could ramp up again this evening. Swinging emergers and skating caddis flys are the winners here.

There is still some decent Rainbows around and you might have to find them among the recovering fish but they will be worth the effort. Sporting Life old fellow who we affectionately call Chris the Greek is one of the anglers that can usually winkle some of the better fish out and he did it again today with this nice Rainbow. He wanted to let his Wellington fishing mates know that the didn’t keep them all and has left a few for the rest of us.

We have had some more Ahrex hooks arrive this morning which rounds out our range of jig hooks. There is sure to be something to appeal to the most discerning fly tyer. We should have the full range up in the online store in the coming days but give if you need something specific contact the crew to get the best advise.


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