Fishing Reports

Tuesday 17th March 2020

Highly Fishable

Overcast start to the day here in Turangi with gusty SE winds. All rivers are clear and fishable.  The weather feels to be on the turn now.  This seems to feel a little earlier for me.

We’ve still got Passion Vine Hoppers / Lace Moth out and about but I am now seeing less and less of these. Fish are still rising to these.  Still seems to be a heap of the big black crickets chirping most of the night too.

Might pay to have a go at wetlining on the Tongariro.  Olive woolly buggers would be a good choice.  Fish have been reported with a dark green sludge in their stomachs with the odd caddis nymph in amongst it.

Lake Taupo has been drained quite quickly over the last month … there should be some good rips at the bigger river mouths.  Not much water coming through the smaller mouths.  There should be some good fishing at the Delta drop off with the lower lake level.  A few anglers were taking out White Boobies over the weekend. Don’t forget the traditional smelt patterns to fish as well.  Don’t just get the “Booby Blinkers” on … there are other methods to try as well ….

With the Self Isolation rules now in place for visitors we could have plenty of space between anglers on the river over the next few months.


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