Fishing Reports

Saturday 16th July 2021

Highly Fishable

Overcast with steady rain falling as of 8:45am here in Turangi this morning. A slight breeze blowing at this stage.  The Tongariro River as of 8:45am is currently in a highly fishable condition but this may change later in the day as we get more rain.  I will try and up-date the website throughout the day if this changes.

In the meantime those anglers who arrived yesterday should get a good fish in the rivers this morning.

I am expecting the rivers to possibly come up and flood with this rain over the next day or so. Get your cars fueled up ready for the onslaught next week as the rivers settle.

2:00pm …. River still good as gold …. only risen a Gnat’s Whisker … looking at the rain radar looks as though we might have dodged a bullet….. reports of fresh chrome fish caught today. 

4:30pm …. The rain is coming down that thick you need an Aqualung/Air Tanks and Dive mask just to see through it … very very strong gusty wind.  Anglers through the shop today have reported catching silver chromers …. some reporting that they are slightly smaller than a few weeks ago.

4:45pm …. the rain has abated …. the wind has eased and people are applying sunscreen 😉 I wonder how a cashless society will go for those around the country without power ? or how EV vehicles go when you can’t charge em 😉 Technology is the way to go…… must be time to go home and light the fire and create a bit more CO2…. or not worry about the World …. and go fishing !

5:23pm ….. Tongariro FLOODED currently at 225 cumecs and STILL GOING UP  !!!! Better come in to the shop and get some of those Code Brown wet flies for when it starts to clear  !!!

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