Fishing Reports

Friday 17th August 2018


Overcast with rain at times. No wind as of 9:30am. The Tongariro is flowing at about 36 cumecs. We got some good steady heavy rain overnight which has brought the river level up a wee bit, however as of 9:30am is perfect for wetlining or nymphing.

This rain will have moved more fresh fish up the rivers. I am seeing some pictures of some really nice fresh fish, particularly the hens. The rain that we are getting should keep the fish moving. Reports of quite a few anglers hooked up at the same time. Even keep fishing if the water gets some colur to it.

Some of you may now notice a fine yellow haze adorning your car. This is pollen .. usually from the abundant pine trees around the area. If you arrive in town and a day later feel like you have got the flu then usually the pollen will be the suspect. The rain keeps it on the ground but when the sun comes out with the wind, you may be fishing in yellow clouds with watery eyes and sneezing.

Peter Carty was out and about swinging flies on his two handed set-up yesterday and landed this really nice silver fish. He was out fishing with South Island fishing guide Chris Dorefrom Queenstown.

peter carty by chris dore 16082018.jpg

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