Fishing Reports

Thursday 17th September 2020

Highly Fishable

Fine with some cloud about here in Turangi this morning. The Hurricane Force winds that were around yesterday have abated to a slight breeze and today will be much more pleasant to fish.  The Tongariro is clear and fishable at 23.8 cumecs.

If you ever want to know when there will be Hurricane Force winds, Floods in the rivers, Torrential Rain, Plagues of Locusts or anything else that is out of the extreme, just ring the shop or email the shop and ask when I have my days off !!!

I made use of the Hurricane Force wind day yesterday by doing some Spring Cleaning inside, eventually going outside to mow the lawns and by the time it got to late in the afternoon, the wind had died off enough to be able to get out for a fish.  I went out and had a play with the Sage HD Trout Spey 4113-4 ( 11 foot 3 inch #4 ) .  I ended up having 5 tugs … fully hooking up to 2 and landing one!  The first one I fully hooked I was trying to get some pictures and was trying to fiddle with the drag of the reel which had been set too tight … next thing it was too loose, then I did it up and it was too tight again and next thing the fish got off !!

I have nicknamed Double Hand fishing “Grandad’s Wetlining”.  It is very relaxing and the pace is slow.  I felt like I needed to be wearing a Barbour Jacket, Sherlock Holmes hat with a pipe sticking out of my mouth, and have a gaggle of servants on the shore with a wicker picnic basket serving me a hot cup of Tea after every tenth cast !!!!  I was almost asleep when the first fish hit. Great fun though.

(Above) The evening ended up quite nice to be out on the Tongariro for a fish with the Double Hander.

(Below) Handling the running line is essential to being able to get a good cast with these bigger rods. The Skagit heads just launch into space when you get the timing right.  If you let the running line drag in the water then there is too much friction to pull it off the surface of the water which has the ability of slowing the cast down.

(Below) Hooked up on the double hand rod in the Tongariro River.

(Below) The one fish I did managed to land.  There is a lot of power in these rods when playing a fish compared to the single hand rods.

(Below) This was a perfect set of tracks in the sand alongside the river ….. kind of reminds me of Dinosaur prints !!


Todays “Blast from the Past” is someone many of you will not have seen for a while “Dino” – the Boss’s son.  If you are wondering what happened to him, he moved to the West Island of New Zealand we call Australia. This photo was taken back in 2002.

This is Dino quite a few years ago now.  He was taking the mickey out of the Australian Freshwater Trout Fish Stalker !  He had a brown “egg yarn” Moustache and was striking the pose of the Stalking Angler.

(Above) “Righto Bazz … I can spot one over there mate!”

(Below) “Hey Bazz … forget the fish mate … I can spot a couple of Sheilas over there mate”  … ” maybe I should just try catchin them with me net mate ! “


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