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Saturday 17th October 2020

Highly Fishable

An absolutely stunning Spring Day here in Turangi today.  No wind as of 8:45am.  The Tongairo is clear and fishable.
(Below) I had Rod McCallum from the North Shore of Auckland in to visit me here in the shop yesterday who told me he was waiting for me to load the website the other day before he was going to make the decision to come to Turangi or not … he saw that I said conditions were PERFECT for fishing and he bolted down ….. he secured these good sized rainbows in the Tongariro using a small nymph and was pretty happy with the results …. who wouldn’t be.
Anglers over the last day or so have reported being “SMOKED” by some fish that they have hooked but haven’t been able to hang onto.

(Below) A couple more nice rainbows landed by Rod.

(Below) I thought this would be of interest for some of you.  I had local angler Chris Ana …. Chris Anastas …. Chris Anastasias… crikey ….. Chris The Bloody Greek come into the shop to see me the other day.  He was fishing down at the river last week and hooked something ” real big ” he said ….  It took off down the river and he fought it for a while before managing to land it.  It was a Blackberry Branch about a meter long and this is what he managed to recover off it.  102 flies and 2 indicators.

Now, using your powers of observation, what is the first major observation that you can deduce from looking at these flies ?
The first highly deductive observation that springs to mind to me is ………  that some people have lost a lot of money 😉
The second observation appears to be that most anglers (about 94%) in that location were either nymphing or Czech Nymphing
Very few flies were wet flies ( about 6% ) which could also indicate that approximately only 6% of the anglers fishing in that location were over the age of 70 🙂
The Boss will probably most likely be unhappy as he will have to get his feet wet to go and reset the snag again 😉

Flies Recovered From a Big Snag in the Tongariro River

(Above & Below) The pictures are thanks to Jamie Campbell who was in the shop yesterday.  The picture above is a nice fresh hen and the one below is a darker jack.  There are still a good mixture of fish in the river at present. We can still get fresh run fish well into next month as well.  Probably the biggest rainbow I hooked ….. and lost in the Tongariro about 16 years ago was in November.  Jamie writes:

Hi Jared,
Much improved effort yesterday afternoon. Managed to hook 5 and land 4 and most came from pretty shallow water. All takes were on a beaded flash back pheasant tail.
Cheers Jamie

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